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With environmentally friendly products we are focused and dedicated to keeping a green footprint helping to preserve the ever changing world in which we live.

We encourage shipment of products Canada-wide at all levels of buying powers.

At MMZ Distributors we are dedicated to providing you outstanding service with delivery of products to save you both time and money as well as keeping a green footprint on our environment.

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MMZ Distributors Inc. is a family owned and operated company that started in 2014. We believe in delivering a consumer experience that builds not only a lasting relationship with us, but also one that leaves a clean and environmentally friendly footprint for the future. MMZ strives to offer a long-standing consumer experience that is focused on not only establishing a long-term relationship, but a smarter, green mentality optimizing a high environmentally conscious outlook. Enhancing the consumer’s decisions to make greener choices that will be long-term goal oriented, MMZ strives to improve efficiencies in day-to-day activities as well as, offer cost effective solutions. MMZ is working to establish a niche in the market that is focused on making environmentally smart decisions. Whether it is pre or post consumption, the products and services that are offered through MMZ have the best outlook with the environment in mind. We pride ourselves on exercising the opportunity to leave a cleaner carbon footprint by recycling petroleum products, thus completing the full lifecycle of the petroleum industry, while also reducing costs for the consumer.